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Children and Adolescence Service

Eye health in children is important to be checked periodically by an ophthalmologist from the earliest childhood.

It is common for vision problems in children to go unnoticed above all because they do not have a point of comparison and therefore they feel as “normal” the way they see.

Prevention is essential to avoid eye problems or serious consequences in the vision that can not be remedied in the future. That is why it is important that children have adequate and regular ophthalmological care.

Newborn children can only distinguish objects as lumps; In the first month of life that vision improves when the baby manages to fix the light, and at three months, when he manages to follow the objects that move in front of him. In childhood, the vision continues to develop as the eye grows, however, if the eyes do not develop in full capacity, the visual ability decreases. After 7 years of age, the evolution of the visual system tends to be completed and visual defects that have not been resolved until then can no longer be improved: a condition called amblyopia.