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Keratoconus has a conical shape of the cornea that distorts vision preventing those who suffer have good vision at all distances.


In this case what happens is that the cornea gradually loses its spherical shape and adopts a conical shape, which distorts images that reach the retina causing a defect in vision. A very common disease that may require a corneal transplant.


• Contact lenses that are commonly used to improve vision are not always tolerated, and over time can damage the cone part. Thus becomes the need of transplantation.

• Patients are suggested to enroll in formal institutions that regulate cornea donation, to appear on national waiting list for corneas; Another possibility is to get eye bank from other countries. (Donated corneas are studied and classified according to their status at the time of donation, and in regard to history of the donor.)

• Corneal Transplant Surgery: the portion of damaged cornea is removed and replaced by another sound and transparent. Healthy cornea to the patient is sutured to the eye if receptor have replaced earlier layers of the cornea; if surgery was to change the inner layers of the cornea, this procedure usually does not require stitches. In most cases surgery is outpatient and is performed under local anesthesia.