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Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dra. Giovanna Benozzi

She was born in Belgium where she stayed her first months of life.

She got her degree as Practitioner in the University of Buenos Aires and she later finished a specialization in ophthalmology in the University of El Salvador.

Since that moment onwards she has been dedicated to Clinical Ophthalmology and simultaneously to the ophthalmological investigation, focusing on and paying much interest to Presbyopia.

During the last decade, she has participated, together with her father, the Doctor Jorge Benozzi, in the development of the Benozzi Method ® which is the first and sole pharmacological treatment for the Presbyopia registered worldwide.

All these passing years she has been devotedly dedicated to understand and go deeper in the knowledge obtained in the laboratory, putting it into practice in the everyday life, what turned her to be a referent in the matters of Presbyopia at national and international levels.

Nowadays she presides Metodo Benozzi®, and she is the Director of Centro de Investigación Avanzada de la Presbicia (C.I.A.P) [Advanced Presbyopia Investigation Center], treasurer in the Fundación Argentina de Glaucoma (F.A.G.) [Argentine Glaucoma Organization] and Vice-President of the Sociedad Argentina de Presbicia (S.A.P.) [Argentine Presbyopia Association].